Green Label Service is the sustainability specialist for hotels, restaurants, conference locations and other hospitality companies

We support you in your sustainability policy and in obtaining a recognized sustainability label (Green Key, Green Globe, etc.).



Reducing your work load as much as possible and ensuring the highest result that can be achieved.


As external and independant auditor for sustainability labels we perform audits, so an acknowledged certificate can be achieved.

Why choose for a sustainability label?

More and more organizations choose for a sustainability label because they want to contribute to a better world and make their commitment visible to others, but there are more reasons:

1. Saving costs

With efficient measures you can save on waste, energy, water, etc. This is better for the environment and you also save costs. The return on investment period for sustainable investments is often short.
Besides, the EED-audit obligation (partially) is no longer necessary at several sustainability labels.

2. Better image

It creates goodwill and, even more, organizations that also have a sustainability policy themselves favour a company with a recognized label. In addition, guests appreciate the commitment to people and the environment and that creates a more pleasant experience.
– According to TripAdvisor, ‘eco-leader’ hotels score an average of 7% better in the guest reviews.

3. More guests/clients

A recognized sustainability label, checked by an external expert, ensures reliability. This often already is a must for hotels because they do not want to lose or miss out guests. All Dutch government institutions and companies listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index exclusively book a meeting or overnight stay at a hotel with a recognized sustainability label.
-33% of all Dutch companies exclude hotels without a sustainability label from overnight stays for employees (ABN Amro survey). This percentage increases every year.
-According to’s survey, 87% of Leisure travelers believe sustainability is important.

4. Satisfied employees

Employees prefer to work for an organization that shows commitment. Labels are increasingly looking at good terms of employment, a safe working environment and (personal) growth opportunities for your employees.

Why choose Green Label Service consultancy?

Green Label Service offers consultancy to support and optimize a sustainability project. We think it is important to deliver tailor-made solutions and to really look at your specific wishes.

1. Experience as a consultant and auditor

Thanks to years of experience in consultancy and auditing, Green Label Service is fully aware of audit standards and processes like no other. We know exactly what is expected and how to achieve the best results.

2. Time saving

Employees often don’t have time and/or knowledge to carry out the sustainability project alongside their current tasks. It is often difficult and time-consuming to interpret the criteria correctly. What exactly is meant by a criteria? Have I collected the right information?
The administrative burden is taken over by Green Label Service. We also assist you during audits.

3. Conservation of knowledge

Staff turnover occurs everywhere. We create a sustainability archive so that knowledge never gets lost.

4. Saving costs

We give you tailor-made advice for sustainable solutions based on simplicity and cost savings.

5. Independent advice

We think it’s important to advise you on a tailor-made basis. Every organization is different. That’s why we ask you about your wishes and give honest advice about what fits your goals best.