Green Label Service is BREEAM In-Use expert. We help you to achieve the BREEAM In-Use label for sustainable buildings

As a recognized expert, we support you in achieving BREEAM In-Use. Green Label Service is the specialist in the field of sustainability consultancy for existing buildings (offices, government institutions, shops, health centres, homes, etc.).


Reducing your work load as much as possible and ensuring the highest result that can be achieved.

Why choose for BREEAM In-Use?

More and more organizations choose for a sustainability label because they want to contribute to a better world and make their commitment visible to others, but there are more reasons:

1. Saving costs

With a sustainable building you save on your operational costs. Moreover, sustainable projects are popular with tenants and users. That means that a building is worth more. And that you can ask for higher rents. This added value can amount to as much as 20%. A building with a BREEAM-NL certificate also offers subsidy opportunities; there are various subsidy schemes that you can claim.

2. Sustainable

With BREEAM-NL you gain insight into the actual sustainability performance of your project. Not only in the field of energy, but across the board. Because BREEAM-NL is internationally recognized, has now existed for more than 10 years and is widely used in the Netherlands, the performance is valued by the market. In this way you work visibly and measurably on achieving the sustainability ambitions of your organization.

3. Healthy

A building with a BREEAM-NL certificate is also a healthy building. This means that attention is paid to, for example, the indoor climate, ventilation, light and volatile organic compounds. A healthy working environment is better for the well-being and productivity of the users.

4. Future-proof

With BREEAM-NL you prepare your project for the future. The bar of BREEAM-NL is higher than what is required by law. This way your building is resistant to sudden events and gradual changes.

Why choose Green Label Service consultancy?

Green Label Service offers consultancy to support and optimize a sustainability project. We think it is important to deliver tailor-made solutions and to really look at your specific wishes.

1. Experience as a consultant and auditor

Thanks to years of experience in consultancy and auditing, Green Label Service is fully aware of audit standards and processes like no other. We know exactly what is expected and how to achieve the best results.

2. Time saving

Employees often don’t have time and/or knowledge to carry out the sustainability project alongside their current tasks. It is often difficult and time-consuming to interpret the criteria correctly. What exactly is meant by a criteria? Have I collected the right information?
The administrative burden is taken over by Green Label Service. We also assist you during audits.

3. Conservation of knowledge

Staff turnover occurs everywhere. We create a sustainability archive so that knowledge never gets lost.

4. Saving costs

We give you tailor-made advice for sustainable solutions based on simplicity and cost savings.

5. Independent advice

We think it’s important to advise you on a tailor-made basis. Every organization is different. That’s why we ask you about your wishes and give honest advice about what fits your goals best.