Experience of our customers

“Since 2011 we have been Green Globe certified and we are proud of that. Sustainability is a very important element for us and a certificate is essential. More and more large business partners require this. We have chosen Green Globe because this is the sustainability label that suits our worldwide organization best and it’s recognizable for international guests.
The flexible working method and the fact that the certification is very all-round appeals to us. We do not only look at saving of our environment, but also attach great value to the social side.
Chrissy has been consulting and advising us since the very first Green Globe certification. Thanks to her professional approach and knowledge about sustainability, we achieve the optimal result during every audit.”

Richard Vis

Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre

“Since 2010 I have been working with Chrissy van Meersbergen in the field of sustainability. Chrissy enthusiastically consulted Van der Valk Hotel Arnhem towards a Golden Green Key certificate and now supports me at Van der Valk Hotel Nijmegen-Lent, where we are Green Globe certified. She ensures that we are constantly aware of the latest developments so that we can implement this in our operations. Green Label Service is a very valuable help to prepare audits and maintain certified; their work is punctual and precise!”

Marijn Span

Van der Valk Hotel Nijmegen-Lent

“I am very proud to be a part of a company that takes sustainability so seriously. As a Green Globe certified member we are dedicated to inspire staff and guests to be more eco-conscious. We found that incorporating small changes to practices go a long way in creating a sustainable environment.”

Sophie Huisman

Sir Albert

“More and more (business) guests are asking for a sustainability label. For us, the international Green Globe Certification means a recognition of our measures for the environment and our society.Green Label Service knows the standards like no other and thanks to their help, we save a lot of time and get the best out of our certification.”

Saskia Breuls

Hotels van Oranje

“The Conservatorium Hotel has been independently audited and awarded with the Green Globe certificate since 2011. We have chosen Green Globe & Green Label Service’s consultancy because we consider it important to take care of people and the environment. Important sustainable changes have been integrated from the beginning. Since the redevelopment of the building for example, the hotel uses a system for thermal energy storage and re-uses water from the pool in the sprinkler system. We recommend Green Label Service as a consultant, because they have a lot of knowledge about the sustainability label, take time for their customers and think along with them. We receive useful tips and are optimally assisted every year so the Conservatorium Hotel remains Green Globe certified.”

Daphna Gerritsma

Conservatorium Hotel

“In 2017 the Ambassade Hotel received the Green Globe certificate for the first time for our efforts in the field of sustainable hospitality. Since then we have had the annual pleasure of receiving Chrissy and discussing our developments in this area. We know her as a punctual, but friendly and constructive auditor, who has a lot of knowledge. We believe the meetings with Chrissy are a valuable addition to our activities.”
Wout Heesink

Ambassade Hotel

We are very proud to have obtained our Green Globe certificate. It gives us an opportunity to be kinder than what is expected in the world these days.

Since putting more focus on sustainability, we have seen an impact of awareness about this topic amongst our guests. Also, our hotel team has bonded over the different activities we have organised and feel more involved with our brand.

This is just the start of our sustainable journey, and we look forward to implementing more plans that enhance our positive impact in the future.

Alissa Hiegentlich

easyHotel Amsterdam Airport Schiphol