Green Label Service provides customized advice to make your organization more sustainable

We are specialized in the hospitality industry, mainly hotels. Our goal is to support organizations that want to do more for people and the environment! This can be based on training, creating a CSR policy (corporate social responsibility), consultancy in achieving sustainability certification, etc.

Consultancy to achieve a sustainability label

A sustainability label (Green Globe, Green Key, Travelife, Planet Care, etc.) is the perfect way to demonstrate that you care about sustainability. Green Label Service knows all about the requirements and always keeps track of the latest developments, guaranteeing a successful result during audits.

Our customers choose annual consultancy for mutliple reasons. Without consultancy the certification process can be difficult and time-consuming. Common mistakes and problems are:

  • Wrong interpretation of the criteria and insufficient knowledge of sustainability
  • Submitting incorrect information / data
  • Miscalculation of the amount of preparation time
  • Not using the online registration systems well
  • No guarantee of data retention (knowledge and data are lost in case of staff turnover or illness)

Our strength is that we are both consultant and auditor. As a result, we are fully aware of audit standards and processes like no other. We know exactly what is expected and how the best and fastest results can be achieved.

The administrative burden is taken over by Green Label Service and you receive tailor-made advice for the best result possible. This efficient way of working, saves time and causes less concerns. We will assist you before, during and after audits. Green Label Service manages the entire process and the workload of employees is reduced to a minimum. We provide sustainable solutions that are based on simplicity and cost-savings.


Training employees contributes to an optimal implementation of the sustainability policy. When they are motivated and understand why it’s important (for the organization and for themselves), this leads to a lot of positive changes.

Sustainability training can be given for small and large groups, on location or elsewhere. Everything is possible and trainings can be tailor-made.

In addition to training for organizations, Green Label Service also gives lectures at colleges and primary schools.

Create a CSR Policy

To demonstrate what you do in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), a policy can be created. This can be used for relations or potential customers / guests who are interested. Often, this is published on the organization’s website. That way, everyone can read that you value CSR.

Example of the steps towards a sustainability label:

First analysis – visit on location

  • Analyzing the current sustainable services and products
  • Analyzing energy, water and waste data
  • Setting realistic goals and creating an action plan

Consultancy during the implementation – on-site visit and contact by e-mail / telephone

  • Project management
  • Employee training
  • Creating a sustainability policy and sustainable purchasing policy
  • Calculate CO2 footprint
  • Advise about sustainable products and services
  • Creating a sustainability archive with all the necessary documentation for the audit

Consultancy during audit – on-site visit

  • Completing the online audit system
  • Preparing and organizing the audit
  • Assisting with the audit on location
  • Maintaining contact with the auditor

Feel free to contact us if there are any questions about increasing sustainability within your organization!